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Diecast models of GP2 cars and more. Very often the stepping stone to F1 for many drivers.

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Dallara Mugen F301 Nelson Piquet Jr South America Champion 2002 1:43

The Dallara Mugen Honda F301 in which Nelson Angelo Piquet Jr won the 2002 South American F3 Champio..

Dallara Mugen Honda Takuma Sato Winner Zandvoort Masters 2001 1:43

The Dallara Mugen Honda F301 in which Takuma Sato won the prestigeous Zandvoort Masters in 2001.  A ..

Dallara Opel F301 Toshihiro Kaneishi German F3 Champion 2001 1:43

The Dallara Opel Spiess F301 in which Toshihiro Kaneshi won the 2001 German Formula 3 Championship. ..

Dallara Opel F397 Oliver Martini 1997 1:43

The Dallara Opel F397 as it won the 1997 Italian F3 Championship in the hands of Oliver Martini. An ..

March BMW 792 F2 Masahiro Hasemi Suzuka 1979 1:43

 The March BMW 792 Formula 2 as raced in the JAF GP at Suzuka by Masahiro Hasemi.  A fine Minichamps..

March BMW 792 F2 Satoru Nakajima Suzuka 1979 1:43

 The Team Italia with Tetsu March BMW 792 F2 as raced by Satoru Nakajima in the 1979 All Nippon  F2 ..

March BMW 792 Kazuyoshi Hoshino Suzuka 1979 1:43

 The March BMW 792 Formula 2 as raced in the 1979 JAF Suzuka GP by Kazuyoshi  Hoshino.  A very nice ..

Matra MS1 F3 Jean-Pierre Jaussaud Winner Monthlery 1965 1:43

The Matra MS1 Formula 3 as raced to victory in the 1965 Monthléry F3 race by Jean-Pierre Jaussa..

Norma M20 RD Winner Pikes Peak Romain Dumas 2016 1:43

The Norma M20 RD Honda Pikes Peak 2016 car as driven to victory by Romain Dumas. Romain complet..

Lola T100 Siffert GP d'Albi F2 1967 1:43 5% PRE ORDER DISCOUNT

A model of the Lola T100-BMW M11 as driven in the GP d'Albi F by Jo Siffert. Jo DNF the event he had..
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